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IBE Ingenieurbüro Esper GmbH

Computer Tomography

Measuring use in practice

  • Computertomography 10” feed pipe upflow hydrogenating reactor hydrocarbons

Mode of operation

  • Density measurements with High Resolution on Vessels 
  • Steel Vessels become ‘Vitreous’ Vessels

Requirements for the measurement object

  • Maximum outside object diameter 980 mm
  • Vertical object position required
  • Free radius in measurement position 700 mm
  • Computer tomograph must rotate 360° around object


  • Localisation of the density over the total object cross section with a solution of 1 cm (0,4 inch)
  • Density profile of object cross section
  • 3-dimensional picture of the density distribution of object cross Section


  • Cost optimisation of reactors for better productivity, conversion and yields
  • Optimisation of density distribution in fluidised bed reactors
  • Optimisation of reaction kinetic in reactors
  • Optimisation of the yields in reactors


  • Device for object diameter > 980 mm in development