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IBE Ingenieurbüro Esper GmbH

Columndiagnostic, Reactordiagnostic

Mode of operation

A gamma source and a detector are positioned across each other and are moved simultaneously in defined increments along the vessel shell from top to the bottom liquid level. The density profile along the vessel height is obtained.


  • Trayed columns
  • Packed columns
  • Reactors

Scanline orientation for trayed columns

  • Across the active bubbling area
  • Across the down comers

Scanline orientation for reactors, structured or random packed columns

  • 4 scan lines in square arrangement
  • 3 scan lines in equilateral triangle arrangement

Results at trayed columns

  • Froth height on active area
  • Liquid entrainment
  • Downcomer or Jet Flooding
  • Weeping
  • Foaming
  • Liquid levels in down comers
  • Plugging in down comers or on active areas of trays

Results at structured and random packed columns and reactors

  • Distribution quality of liquid and vapour in packings and catalyst beds
  • Liquid levels on distributors and chimney trays
  • Plugging in packings / on internals